The Bloom On Fund

Making a difference when it makes all the difference.

Your gift - of any amount - creates opportunities for BU students.

We are happy to announce that the Henry Carver Fund is now the Bloom On Fund. With a fresh new look and a focus on creating opportunities for BU students. Read below to learn about how the Henry Carver Fund impacts the Husky Experience, then make your gift today.


Henry Carver was one of a kind. He crisscrossed the country in service of education at a time when most never strayed beyond their hometown. A hunting accident slowed him down long enough to establish and serve as the first president of Bloomsburg University. In a phrase: He knew how to Bloom On. We know Carver’s story well and for years his namesake fund gave a much-needed hand up to students who embody his spirit. 

A gift to this fund addresses the greatest and most immediate needs of the Husky family, making possible a fuller and more rewarding college experience. A scholarship to fit in an extra class. Funds to cover travel to an internship in New York. Conference fees covered so a student can present her research. These are just a few ways your gift to the Bloom On Fund can help a Husky learn and accomplish more. The money you give will become what’s known as Immediate-use funds. That means the money a student needs is available and ready when an immediate need arises. Your gift to the Bloom On Fund will make the biggest possible difference, right when it’s needed. Keep every Onward moving Upward. Give Huskies the support they need, when they need it. Support the Bloom On Fund.


BU students face more need now than ever before
State funding continues to decline
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