Emerging Opportunities

Zeigler College of Business

As always, an ongoing priority of the Bloomsburg University Foundations is to establish provide resources and identify the best ways to connect alumni and friends who are interested in making their own personal impact on the Bloomsburg University community. Our goal is to allocate resources to areas that will serve as investments in our signature strengths and emerging opportunities that prepare students to thrive in an unpredictable and dynamic world.

To date, these opportunities have resulted in major improvements across campus, including renovations to Sutliff Hall, home of the Zeigler College of Business. In addition, the construction of the Greenly Center in downtown Bloomsburg has helped to strengthen the university’s partnership with the community.

Our ongoing efforts include dispersing funds designated by our donors to the Henry Carver Fund, Bloomsburg University’s annual fund, and regularly working with our donors to help them make a specific gift that is personally meaningful to them and will also meet the growing needs of our students, faculty and staff.  In these regular activities we also provide the Bloomsburg University community with resources to seize emerging opportunities that directly benefit students.

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