Annual Giving

Supporting Our University's Greatest Need


While endowments are vital to the foundation’s ability to support the university over the long-term, annual giving provides current-use support for a range of critical initiatives, programs and projects that benefit the entire university community. 

Gifts made through Bloomsburg University’s annual fund, The Henry Carver Fund, support scholarships for hundreds of students every year; fund programs in all four colleges, student affairs, and athletics; establish new and innovative projects; provide support for alumni programs, services and events; and develop hands-on, learning opportunities.

Opportunities for Support:

Through annual giving, you can support the department or programs that mean the most to you. Below are some of the ways you can choose to support BU:

  • University’s Greatest Need – Help students, faculty, and staff with current needs and support initiatives that align with the university’s strategic plan.
  • Academic Scholarships – Ensure that we can continue to admit students from all backgrounds based on their ability, not their ability to pay.
  • Athletic Scholarships – Provide students with financial support to reach their educational goals while they represent Bloomsburg University in competitive athletics.
  • Faculty Support – Recruit, retain and recognize innovative educators as members of our vibrant community and recognize excellent teaching.
  • Professional U – Give students real-world experiences and opportunities to network with alumni and professionals, helping them prepare for success in their careers.

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