Professional U

In addition to academic knowledge, today's college graduates need to demonstrate professional skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication. In many cases, these are lessons learned outside of the classroom.

That’s why we created Professional U. Supported primarily through Professional Experience Grants, this campus-wide initiative provides students with experiential learning opportunities each year; including internships, job shadowing, undergraduate research projects, international study, service-learning and alumni networking events. Through their choices and experiences, BU students learn to take initiative, make decisions and be accountable for the results—skills that will propel them to succeed throughout their careers.

Establish a Professional Experience Grant

These grants expose students to new cultures, places and perspectives; and prepare them for a diverse, global workplace. They support internships, travel abroad opportunities and research projects for students who might otherwise not be able to participate due to lack of resources.
  1. Endowed Professional Experience Grants
    These are permanent and perpetual grants. The principal gift is invested in our foundation’s endowment, and a portion of the earnings generated funds a grant award. The principal remains untouched, allowing the endowment to last in perpetuity.
    • Named Endowed Professional Experience Grants
      • Established with a principal gift of $25,000 or more
      • Single gift or annual installments over five years
      • Awarded once the minimum investment is met
    • Virtual Named Professional Experience Grants
      • Planned giving option
      • Minimum annual commitment of $1,000 and a minimum deferred gift of at least $25,000
  2. Annual Professional Experience Grants
    Funds established as current-use grants do not earn additional income from interest. The grants provide immediate impact, as funds are disbursed to the student recipient(s) in the semester immediately following the donor’s contribution.
    • Named Annual Professional Experience Grants
      • Funded with a gift of $10,000 or more
      • Single payment or annual installments over four years
  3. Professional U Endowment Opportunities
    Ensuring that career-related experiences are available for future students is dependent on our ability to secure permanent sources of funding. There are additional opportunities to permanently endow initiatives that can be funded with a gift of $100,000 or more and can be made either as an outright gift or a blended gift.

Your Personal Gift

Share your success by funding opportunities for student success. Financially supporting initiatives within Professional U helps ensure our ability to offer professional experiences to all students, which is critical to developing a professional network that leads to career success.

To get started, contact the Bloomsburg University Foundation at 855-BU2-GIVE or make a gift today to support Professional Experience Grants.

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