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Your support of the academic community in Chemistry and Biochemistry at BU is critical for its continued success. Gifts from our alumni and friends allow our faculty to mentor students in their research projects throughout the year and put our students in the best position to succeed by helping provide availability of the latest technology, research and teaching methods.

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It’s all about the students! Whether it is in the classroom or the laboratory, the Chemistry and the Citizen course for non-science majors or research with our majors, the department works to give the best experiences to our students so they can be enlightened citizens and proficient practitioners.



Through donor support I have had the opportunity to connect with faculty in the chemistry department and discovered my true passion – research. Your support has allowed me to work closely with my professors, attend the American Chemical Society national chemistry conference and pursue my dreams of becoming a research scientist at a national lab.

- Tyler Behrent '17
Biochemistry Major
Catawissa, PA

Chemistry research gets Golden Gate spotlight

San Francisco

From walking the Golden Gate Bridge to speaking in front of the science community, Bloomsburg University chemistry majors Blake Durante and Olivia Fry had an experience of a lifetime in San Francisco thanks to donor support.

Theirs was among more than 8,000 research presentations at the 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition on Advanced Materials, Technologies, and Systems and Processes that also featured more than 300 exhibitors.

Durante, a senior chemistry major with a minor in mathematics, and Fry, a senior chemistry major with an ACS certification, received approval through the American Chemical Society to present at the conference.

“This gave us experience presenting our research,” Durante said. “It also allowed us to network with companies that were there as well as possible graduate schools.”

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