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Your support of the academic community in Digital Forensics at BU is critical for its continued success. Gifts from our alumni and friends allow our faculty to mentor students in their research projects throughout the year and put our students in the best position to succeed by helping provide availability of the latest technology, research and teaching methods.

Your support makes a difference


Throughout my time at BU as a digital forensics major, I have had the opportunity to travel across the country and learn among my peers at national conferences and competitions. I also participated in a conference that was held right here on our own campus. I was able to attend these events thanks to funding made available through donor support.

Thanks to these experiences, I was selected for an internship with a national cybersecurity technology company in the summer of my junior year at Bloomsburg. This internship led directly to me being offered a full-time position as a cybersecurity specialist in Los Angeles, CA, which begins the week after graduation!

Help continue to grow BU's Digital Forensics program, the only one of its kind available within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. This program helps to prepare students for careers with law firms and private companies, law enforcement agencies, and even qualifies them to work in homeland security.
CS Military
Current and former military personnel love our cyber-security offerings. Your donation helps us provide this vital training.
Bloomsburg University advanced to the regional finals for the first time ever, at the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. Your support can help future students benefit from more opportunities like this.
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