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Your support of the academic community in Environmental, Geographical and Geological Sciences (EGGS) at BU is critical for its continued success. Gifts from our alumni and friends allow our faculty to mentor students in their research projects throughout the year and put our students in the best position to succeed by helping provide availability of the latest technology, research and teaching methods.

Your support makes a difference


Thanks to support from donors,  I was able to gain valuable outside-the-classroom experience that helped me to develop my leadership skills and put what I've learned into practice.

I served as President of the Maps, Plans, Environment and Rocks Society which allowed me to participate in many volunteer activities while developing my leadership skills.

I also received valuable work experience during my internship at the Union County Conservation District last summer. There I had the opportunity to learn more about the district and how it operates as a whole. My main project was to market a riparian buffer program to farmers near my own hometown in Union County.

- Alana O'Rourke '17
EGGS Major
Lewisburg, PA


EGGS Students are all smiles after winning the Regional Soil Judging Contest at Penn.


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Students in Surface Hydrology measure a local stream’s properties on a snowy day.



Students in the popular Field Methods course overlook Death Valley from a spectacular vantage.



Students in Wetlands Ecology investigate the marshes at Wallops Island, Virginia.

On behalf of all EGGS students at BU, thank you for supporting our education and our dreams. We appreciate your support, and we are doing our best to make fellow EGGS alumni, friends and supporters proud! 

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