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Donor Support provides funds that help students to attend national conferences

Drawing from more than 400 colleges and universities, the Mathematics Association of America national Problem Solving Competition features some of the best math students in the country.

And Luke Vuksta, a junior Bloomsburg University mathematics major, was among them. Vuksta advanced to the finals and earned a sixth place medal last summer.

“The conference itself is much more than just a problem solving competition,” Vuksta said. “It focused on teaching, as well as pure mathematics. I actually didn’t know this until I met a bunch of math education majors at the undergraduate social event that was held.”

Donor support helps students achieve professional goals

Devyn Lesher, a junior mathematics major, and Chris Lynd, professor of mathematical and digital sciences, recently had their research paper accepted for publication in Mathematics Magazine — a widely read, peer-reviewed journal. The paper is titled Convergence Results for the Class of Periodic Left Nested Radicals, and it should be in print in the December 2016 issue of Mathematics Magazine.

This research was made possible by two Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Activities (URSCA) Awards from the Center for Undergraduate Research at Bloomsburg University. These awards provided stipends support for Devyn during the summer of 2014 and the summer of 2015.


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