A scholarship is more than just a gift, it's an investment that makes an impact.


When you support scholarships at Bloomsburg, you're showing our students that you believe in them. You're making a difference in their lives by investing in their future. You're creating the opportunity for them to make a difference as they journey onward and upward to success.

Scholarships - By the Numbers


36% of Bloomsburg students are the first in their families to go to college, and benefit greatly from scholarships.


Scholarships Awarded

Bloomsburg awarded a total of 1,091 scholarships to deserving students in the 2020-21 academic year.


New Scholarships

BUF donors created 32 new scholarships in the 2020-21 academic year totaling $288,301.


Students Stronger

In the 2019-20 Academic Year, BUF awarded $993K directly contributing to the recruitment and retention of 473 students.

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Ashley Davis
Impact Stories

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I am forever grateful for these scholarships, and I love my school.”

Ashley Davis ’23
Zeigler College of Business

Scholarships made the difference for Ashley. After applying to six schools and being accepted at each of them, Ashley made her choice to become a Husky when she was offered these scholarships and knew Bloomsburg cared about her as a student.

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Impact Stories

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My scholarship allowed me to focus more on my academic success and less on the burden of paying for college.”

Jason Stone ’21
College of Science and Technology

Thanks to the scholarships Jason received, he didn’t have to work two jobs while attending school. Instead he was able to spend more time working with his professors on research, which eventually led to him placing first at an intercollegiate research convention.

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Jason Stone

Investing in our Students - Today and Tomorrow

Each year, donors like you make a difference by contributing to scholarships that allow us to remove barriers, giving deserving students opportunities they need to achieve their educational goals.

Addressing Financial Need

Scholarships make a difference for more than 1,000 Huskies every year. Scholarships cover more than just tuition. Immediate-use scholarships help students facing more urgent needs, such as text books, housing and food insecurities.

Attracting Top-Quality Students

Now more than ever before, scholarships are vital to our ability to recruit and retain high-performing students in a highly-competitive landscape. By providing scholarships, you increase our ability to create opportunities for students based on their ability and not their ability to pay.

Create or Support a Scholarship Fund

BUF donors have already created more than 400 scholarship funds, which help us remain competitive by recruiting and retaining students, creating a diverse community and responding to the growing need to reduce debt for our students. Call today to find out if one of our scholarship funds already aligns with an area which you are passionate about supporting, or to create your own scholarship fund.

Contact Stephanie Ulmer, Associate Vice President of Philanthropy & Operations, to learn more:

570-389-4059 | sulmer@bloomufdn.org