September 21, 2016

Career Intensive Boot Camps Prepare Students for Success

Preparing for Success

On Friday, September 16, Derek Askew, Raijene Dreuitt, Denis Ikejiri, Megan Ikeler, and Kevin Kesselring gathered to ring the Carver Hall bell prior to attending the BU Career Intensive Boot Camp.

Held at the Greenly Center from September 16-18, the Career Intensive Boot Camp is a 2 ½ day experience offered to juniors, seniors and recent graduates as part of Bloomsburg University’s Professional U initiative. The event is designed to help participants learn how to leverage their skills and experiences to not only get a job, but to be successful in their transition from student to professional.

More than 50 BU students and recent graduates participated in the weekend’s events and took advantage of the opportunity to engage in 20+ unique sessions which helped to enhance their preparation and confidence and build the skills they need to increase their chances of impressing potential employers. Attendees practiced skills that went beyond polishing resumés – from networking, to mock interviews with professionals from their fields of study.

Immediate Impact

Thanks to support from donors and volunteers who helped to make the Boot Camp a success, participants had the opportunity to network and learn from more than 60 BU alumni, organizational partners, faculty, and staff members.

The students pictured above who rang the Carver Hall bell to celebrate their participation in the Boot Camp were asked to share what impact the experience had on each of them personally.

Megan Ikeler, Senior, Communication Studies –
“The most important concept I took away from this experience is that networking is everything. I can be over qualified and have the most impressive resumé out there, but if I cannot make a genuine personal connection and display who I am beyond a sheet of paper and diploma, then the options available to me will be limited.”

Derek Askew, Senior, Sociology –
“This was an amazing opportunity that every student should take advantage of if they get the chance. We got to hear from alumni who spanned generations from recent graduates who were in their first jobs out of college to CEOs who were in the workforce for more than 30 years. It was helpful to hear the perspectives and views from many different sides of the corporate world.”

Kevin Kesselring, Senior, Secondary Education Citizenship –
“I thought the sessions might be geared heavily toward business majors. But there was such a well-rounded representation of alumni from all fields, and we got to do mock interviews with people who would be do the hiring for the exact types of positions we would be applying for after graduation.”

Denis Ikejiri, Senior, Business Management –
“One specific experience I took away from the boot camp was the chance to participate in a group interview. Interviewing with a group as opposed to the traditional one-on-one setting was something I hadn’t experienced before. I think that will really help me if I end up having to take part in an interview like that, to know what to expect.”

Raijene Dreuitt, Senior, Communication Studies –
“I learned so much. I wish I would have done it as a junior too instead of waiting until my senior year. I learned about the importance of understanding pension plans and retirement benefits and also participated in a mock Skype interview. It was very helpful to get that experience of interviewing using technology.”

The next Career Intensive Boot Camp will be held in Spring 2017. Students interested in participating should send an email to Alumni or friends who would like to share their experience with BU students should visit or email

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