Bloomsburg Athletics Scores Big: New Buses and Uniforms Boost Programs

New Bloomsburg Huskies Buses

Generous Donation from Steph Pettit '89 Elevates Transportation Infrastructure and Visual Identity for Huskies

In a significant boost to Bloomsburg University's athletic department, Steph Pettit '89 has once again demonstrated his unwavering commitment to the Huskies with a substantial contribution totaling just over $900,000. The generous donation comprises two state-of-the-art athletic buses for all athletic teams and brand new alternate uniforms for the football team.

The announcement, made by Mike McFarland, Ed.D., Bloomsburg Husky director of athletics, heralds a new era of enhanced transportation infrastructure and a striking visual identity for the university's football program.

The contribution of nearly $900,000 aims to bolster the university's transportation infrastructure for athletic teams, ensuring safe and comfortable travel to competitions against other institutions. The two new buses, made possible by Pettit's generosity, will not only serve as a means of transportation but also as a symbol of commitment to excellence and support for the university's athletic programs.

"This remarkable gift from one of Bloomsburg's most esteemed supporters will significantly improve our ability to support our student-athletes," McFarland remarked. "With their timely arrival, the campus community can look forward to enhanced transportation, facilitating smoother logistics and greater accessibility for student-athletes, coaches, and staff members when we're on the road."

President Bashar W. Hanna of Commonwealth University echoed McFarland's sentiments, highlighting the profound impact Pettit's generosity continues to have on Huskies Athletics. "These new buses will facilitate safe travel and foster a sense of pride and unity among our teams and supporters," President Hanna affirmed.

Furthermore, Pettit's contribution extends beyond transportation infrastructure to the visual identity of the Huskies football team. The unveiling of brand new alternate uniforms ahead of the 2024 season signifies a transformative moment for the program. The all-black set, featuring black jerseys, pants, and a new matte black helmet, reflects the program's hard-working nature and commitment to excellence.

"I am fully committed to helping our athletic programs succeed and ensuring our teams compete at their best. To see the Huskies run onto the field in the home opener against Fairmont State, at night, sporting these new all-black uniforms is going to be epic," Pettit expressed. "The new UnderArmour jerseys and pants align with the program's hard-working nature, and I am so pleased to be able to support the program and offer the student-athletes these first-class uniforms. Plus, I can't wait for our opponents to see these buses and know when the Huskies are rolling into town."

Head coach Frank Sheptock '86 expressed gratitude for Pettit's continued support, emphasizing the excitement surrounding the debut of the new uniforms. "We look forward to debuting the new uniforms in the fall," Coach Sheptock remarked.

Dr. Michael McFarland, director of athletics, also expressed appreciation for the Pettit family's ongoing support, noting that the new uniforms are just another example of their commitment to Bloomsburg athletics.

The buses, set to arrive on campus this summer, will officially be put into service at the beginning of the 2024 fall sports season, exemplifying the spirit of philanthropy and dedication to excellence that defines the Bloomsburg community. Meanwhile, the all-black uniforms will make their debut on Thursday, September 5, when the Huskies take the field against Fairmont State to open the season, promising an unforgettable spectacle under the lights of Redman Stadium.