Fifth Recipient of the Paul and Jennefer Clifford Walk-On Scholarship Named

Kate Roberts Scholarship

Congratulations to Kate Roberts ’23, of the Bloomsburg University women's lacrosse team, who was named as the fifth recipient of the Paul and Jennefer Clifford Walk-On Scholarship.

Kate learned about the scholarship last week during the team's practice. Much to her surprise, coach Shannon Hertz, BU Athletic Director, Michael McFarland, Ph.D. (and Roongo) had some exciting news for her! Check out the video below:

Paul and Jennefer Clifford

Paul Clifford and his wife Jennefer, both members of BU graduating class of ’96 wanted to make a gift that would benefit walk-on athletes. Paul and Jennefer walked on to the Football and Swim teams respectively when they arrived as freshmen at BU.

According to Paul and Jennefer, creating this scholarship allowed them to do just that while also seeing the immediate impact of their gift. “Our goal was to make a gift that could foster an experience for other student-athletes that is similar to what we had," Paul Clifford said. "The value of that experience and the confidence it instilled in us is a big reason why we are happy to be able to give back in this small way."