February 15, 2016

My Eye-Opening Internship

I’sha Schultz ’16

Major: Political science, concentration in law
Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA
Activities: President/Founder of Women for Gender Justice Club, Vice President for Recruitment for Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, PASSHE student advocate, Study Abroad (Cameroon, Ethiopia)
Scholarship Received:Boguski Capstone Scholarship

When my supervisor at my campus job introduced me to the internship program provided by The Washington Center in Washington, D.C., I was terrified, but her faith in me pushed me to apply. When I got accepted I knew I had to do it. I applied for a Boguski Capstone Scholarship to help finance my experience and was lucky enough to receive it!

This internship opened my eyes to career options I never even considered. I had a chance to see a new side of nonprofits and participate in change, while still having the flexibility to explore and learn through trial and error. To have this opportunity while I’m still a student is monumental—and to think, I almost said no!

Prior to the internship, I was pretty sure I wanted to become a lawyer—I thought that was the only way to make an impact. But the program placed me with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which helps develop programs to reduce gun violence. Now I’m becoming really interested in advocating and lobbying.

Bloomsburg University has so much to offer, both inside and outside the classroom, from community service and study abroad to conferences and student-run organizations. These experiences have changed my life and make me a better job candidate. When I’m able, I know I’ll give back and allow other students to have opportunities like I’ve had with this internship. It’s something you just can’t get in the classroom or by reading a textbook—it’s a glance into your future with guidance and help from people who want to see you succeed.
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