September 15, 2015

Leading By Example

Terrance Jones ’15

Majors: Studio Art (B.A.), Instructional Technology (M.S.)
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
Husky Ambassador, Community Assistant (CA), Student Organization of Latinos
Scholarships Received:
Board of Governors Tuition Scholarship, Husky Instructional Technology Scholarship

Being a first-generation college student has been one heck of a journey. I’m the oldest of six kids raised by a single mother and we don’t come from the best neighborhood. Deciding to attend college was hard, because my siblings really depend on me, but on the other side, I knew the more I achieved, the more they would be motivated to achieve.

I worked hard and dedicated myself to everything at Bloomsburg, from my academics and intramural participation to the many jobs I held on campus. As a result, I was lucky to receive both undergrad and graduate scholarships. The extra support helped to ease the financial weight off my shoulders. It also meant someone believed in me—that someone wanted to make a positive impact in my life, like I want to do for others.

Bloomsburg has prepared me for a lifetime of success, both in my current position and in my future ambitions. I just want to thank the faculty and donors who made it possible. You might not know it, but you’re not just helping one student—you’re helping the many people connected to that student. You’re helping me to show fellow students that their dreams can be accomplished and to inspire my brothers and sisters to go to college. Even my mom is inspired by how much I’ve been able to achieve. She can’t wait to see what I become.

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