Alumni Couple Creates Scholarship to help Student-Athletes Become Future Leaders

Since his days as the kicker for the Huskies' PSAC championship team during his senior year in 2014, Danny Fisher has harbored an unwavering passion for Bloomsburg. Approaching the milestone of a decade since his graduation, he continues to reciprocate Bloomsburg's investment in his success by giving back to the school and the community.

From his remarkable achievements on the football field to the serendipitous meeting with his future wife, Danny attributes the person he is today to the connections forged at Bloomsburg. This profound influence has fueled his sustained engagement with his alma mater.

A dedicated supporter of Bloomsburg's ZIPD (Zeigler Institute for Professional Development), Danny has actively participated in the conference every year, either as a student or in a volunteer capacity post-graduation, with just one exception. Reflecting on the impact of ZIPD on his education, Danny expresses his gratitude, stating, "The value the ZIPD conference added to my education is something I'll never take for granted. I want to be a part of providing that same value for students today however I can."

Recognizing his dedication as a volunteer, the CU-Bloomsburg Alumni and Professional Engagement team approached Danny, urging him to join the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Despite initial hesitation, he embraced the opportunity. "I believe in Higher ed, and I want Bloom to win. I'm confident in the work that Dr. Hanna and the leadership team at Bloomsburg are doing to work through the current challenges, and I want to help with that."

Originally from Harrisburg, Fisher's connection with Bloomsburg began with a strong cultural tie. His high school football coach, Glenn McNamee, had a Bloomsburg connection, having played under the legendary Coach Danny Hale. This, coupled with the camaraderie of three high school teammates also choosing Bloomsburg, laid the foundation for a lifelong affiliation. Danny emphasizes, "I always enjoyed being a part of the Bloomsburg community. It felt like home."

Beyond the football field, Fisher's Bloomsburg journey unfolded as he met his future wife, Heather '14, during his junior year. Their love story began on the dance floor at a party on Lightstreet Road, ultimately leading to a lifelong partnership. Heather, a graduate of Bloomsburg's nursing program, is now a labor and delivery nurse at WellSpan York Hospital.

Reflecting on his academic pursuits, Fisher initially aimed to become a teacher, majoring in business education. However, after student teaching at Berwick High School, he pivoted towards a career with West Shore Home. Combining his education degree with business acumen, he became a corporate trainer, pivotal in developing training programs for various departments.

When Danny began at West Shore, right after graduation, it was a local business running out of one office out of Mechanicsburg, PA. Today, West Shore has become one of the largest bathroom remodeling companies in the United States, with more than 40 offices nationwide. "I still have a long-term goal to become a teacher," Danny adds. "I wanted to create something original and become an expert at something first so that I can teach from a place experience."

Danny's decision to give back to Bloomsburg stems from gratitude for the transformative experiences during his time at the university. He acknowledges the impact of individuals like Coach Danny Hale, kicking coach Ed Rush, and Dr. Christina Force, his advisor, who played pivotal roles in his personal and academic growth.

"I feel like I owe a lot to Bloomsburg,” he says. “The people and experiences I encountered there did a lot to help me develop my own leadership qualities, and I want to provide the same types of opportunities for future students."

Danny's philanthropic spirit traces back to his time as a student when he organized the "Kick for a Cure" fundraiser, raising $8,000 in donations from students, faculty, alumni, and family members to support a close family friend with Angelman syndrome. The event garnered national attention, showcasing the power of the Bloomsburg community to unite for a cause.

Now, as a husband and father of three—Bennett, Annaliese, and Cohen—Danny and his wife are instilling in their children the importance of giving back. Together, they have established a scholarship for student-athletes who excel academically and exhibit positive leadership qualities, ensuring that future generations can benefit from the same transformative experiences that shaped Danny's life.

In Danny's words, "My wife and I are very fortunate, and we want to pay that forward." His commitment to higher education and Bloomsburg's success resonates deeply, embodying the spirit of philanthropy that strengthens the bonds of the CU-Bloomsburg community.