Major: Business Economics

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Cheryl Tedder grew up in the Philadelphia area, and when it was time to start looking at colleges, she visited several state schools because she knew that would be the most affordable option for her and her family.

When she arrived at Bloomsburg, she knew this was where she wanted to spend her next four years. Now, as the Director, Commercial & International Tax Services at Andersen Financial Services Firm in San Francisco, CA, she is giving back to BU each year, to help today’s BU students achieve success.

“Even though Bloomsburg was more affordable than other schools, like many students I was not considered for grants or scholarships,” Cheryl says. “Rather, my ‘financial aid’ consisted solely of loans beginning in my sophomore year.”

After graduating from Bloomsburg, Cheryl went on to pursue her masters in economics at Rutgers University and then attended law school at Villanova.

“When I started working and was in the position where I could make charitable contributions, I thought back to my time at Bloomsburg and the financial burden I had because of the loans.” Adds Cheryl. “In an effort to help ease the debt burden on future students and their parents in that same situation, I chose to direct my support to the Bloom On Fund.”

Cheryl doesn’t give back to any specific area because she wants her gifts to be used where they are needed most. Plus, her firm matches unrestricted contributions, which allows her to maximize the impact of her support.