Major: Spanish

Hometown: Carlisle, PA

Eduardo “Ed” Ramos is a long-time BU donor and volunteer, specifically as a participant in BU’s ZIPD conference. He is grateful for the experience to give back and help students realize their full potential through this annual professional development event.

“In my experience, we don’t get what we deserve in life, we get what we go after,” Ed says. “That’s what the ZIPD conference is helping to show BU students. So many people don't want to do it because they may be shy or introverted, but you have to be able to network. This conference helps them push themselves beyond their comfort zone.”

That’s certainly something Ed knows a little about. Less than one year after graduating from BU in 1986 with a degree in Spanish, he embarked on a career with American International Group that had him managing a $1.2 billion book of business as an underwriter in Hong Kong before he reached the age of 25.

Though his education wasn’t business-focused, his mindset always was. He says he owes that drive to becoming a success to the work ethic instilled in him while he was at BU.

“I had a network of professors and advisors that saw I was hungry and driven, and they didn’t give up on me, they pushed me to succeed,” Ed adds. “All these years later the University has given so much to me, and now I just want to give back however I can. BU has invested in me, and now I want to return the favor through both volunteering and financial support.”