Bella Culp, a standout student-athlete at Bloomsburg, is not only a dedicated field hockey and softball player but also the proud recipient of the Bowden Family Scholarship. Earlier this semester, she had the privilege of attending Gratitude Days, a special occasion organized by Bloomsburg University Foundation that provides students with the opportunity to express their heartfelt gratitude to their generous donors.

However, what Bella discovered during this event took her by surprise. Up until then, she had believed she'd never met the donor responsible for her scholarship, knowing only his name. Her curiosity got the best of her, prompting her to search for a glimpse of the person supporting her education. To her amazement, she recognized the face of her benefactor - Greg Bowden - and realized that they had crossed paths just two days prior at the Dean of Business's golf outing. They had not only met but engaged in a lengthy conversation and even shared a meal together. Bella humorously remarked to our social media manager, "Neither of us had a clue who the other was. It's incredible how our worlds collided."

Filled with gratitude, Bella was thrilled that she already had a connection with her donor. She saw this as an opportunity to foster a meaningful relationship that could offer valuable advice and insights about her educational journey. Such relationships are vital for students, as they provide not only financial support but also a chance to showcase their progress and extend their heartfelt thanks to their benefactors.

Bella's plan is to connect with her donor, Greg Bowden, on LinkedIn, where she intends to share this heartwarming and serendipitous story. It appears that this encounter marks the beginning of a truly remarkable donor-recipient relationship, one that promises mutual growth and appreciation.