Majors: Education

Hometown: Carlisle, PA

Twin sisters Finn and Luka Joy would not be at Bloomsburg without the scholarships they received. And that would have been a missed opportunity for them and the University.

After graduating from their high school in Harrisburg, PA, two years ahead of schedule, the twins enrolled at a local community college to earn as many credits as possible while keeping things affordable.

“We saw an opportunity to challenge ourselves and seek a learning environment that was more appropriate to helping us achieve our goals,” says Finn. “After the first time we were able to succeed in those college level courses, we knew we wanted to pursue that opportunity to move on to furthering our education quickly and with more focus.”

When it was time to transfer their credits and take the next step toward completing their education degrees and becoming teachers, scholarships were the deciding factor.

"We are deeply appreciative of the support we’ve received to help make this journey possible, adds Luka. “Without that generosity towards our academic careers, our dreams of being future educators would not become a reality.”

Thanks to scholarship support, Finn and Luka are now preparing to enter their senior year and obtain their teaching degrees. They hope to inspire future generations to follow in their footsteps.