Major: International Business

Hometown: Lansdale, PA

Scholarships made the di­fference for Ashley. After applying to six schools and being accepted at each of them, Ashley made her choice to become a Husky when she received her scholarship offers and felt Bloomsburg cared about her success as a student and a person.

That feeling of being seen and appreciated carried over for Ashley and gave her the confidence and drive to push herself even more during her time here at BU. She immersed herself in her studies and also became a Community Assistant (CA) in Elwell Hall to provide support for fellow students.

“The COVID-19 pandemic brought on a lot of change for us all very quickly,” says Ashley. “It was a challenging transition to go to on-line classes, but my scholarship gave me additional motivation to keep my grades up. I ended my sophomore year by 4.0 GPA the entire year and making the Dean’s list both semesters which I am extremely proud of. I can’t thank the donors enough for believing in my success.”

Ashley Davis Business Competition

In addition to providing her with the opportunity to become a CA, Ashley’s scholarships and the support she’s received form the professors and advisors in the Zeigler College of Business have inspired her to become more involved on campus. In her second year, Ashley joined the Global Business Association which helped her learn more about how to be respectful of cultures and lifestyles which is a critical skill for a student pursuing a career in international business.

In 2021, Ashley participated on a team of Bloomsburg University's Global Business Association (GBA) that took fourth place at the 2021 San Diego State University International Business Case Competition. Despite competing against teams from some significantly larger institutions, Ashley felt very prepared heading into the event.

“The financial support I’ve received, along with the guidance of my professors in the Zeigler College of Business have put me in position to take advantage of these amazing opportunities,” Ashley adds. “I am forever grateful for these scholarships, and I love my school.”