Thanks to the support she's received from donors, she is not only on track to complete her degree, she's actually set to finish in three years. She was able to do that because of gifts to the Bloom On Fund, which provided the assistance she needed to stay on campus while taking classes during the summer. Something she never could have done without the help of BU donors.

"I chose to enroll in summer courses because I was inspired to get a head start on my career," Sabina says. "Knowing there are people out there willing to make that opportunity possible for students like me instilled me with the confidence I needed."

As she prepares for graduation this coming spring, she is also seeking an entry-level position overseas. She's hoping to challenge herself to step even further outside her comfort zone. Watch the video below to learn more about Sabina's BU Journey.

If you would like to help make a difference for more students like Sabina, click here to make a gift to the Bloom On Fund.