Non-traditional Student Receives Support Needed to Pursue Education While Caring for his Family

by Katie Gerber '24

Enveloped by the unwavering support of generous donors, Angel Alonso's journey towards a bachelor's degree in Spanish teaching at Bloomsburg University shines as a testament to the power of community and compassion.

Guided by the love of his family and the echoes of his career aspirations, Angel's path was illuminated by the financial support he’s received through the Drs. Theodore and Lorraine Shanoski Scholarship, which became a beacon of hope amidst the financial challenges that often accompany higher education.

For six years, Angel has poured his heart and soul into teaching Spanish at Our Lady of Lourdes, nurturing young minds across multiple levels of proficiency. Amidst the balancing act of full-time employment, familial obligations, and academic endeavors, Angel found solace in the generosity of his benefactors. The support he received not only alleviated the strain of financial burdens but also instilled in him a profound sense of gratitude and purpose.

In moments of adversity, when his daughter Lucia's health demanded urgent attention, Angel found comfort in the understanding embrace of his professors and the compassionate aid extended by donors. Their generosity ensured that he could pursue his educational dreams without sacrificing the well-being of his family, allowing him to focus on both his studies and his daughter's care with unwavering dedication.

Driven by an unyielding passion for education and a desire to nurture the growth of young minds, Angel's commitment transcends the confines of the classroom. Alongside his wife Christina, he dedicates his time to community service, enriching the lives of children through various church programs and volunteering opportunities. Their collective efforts echo the profound impact of education and compassion, shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

In the quiet moments of late-night study sessions and the relentless pursuit of academic excellence, Angel remains steadfast in his belief that every sacrifice made today paves the way for a brighter tomorrow. Through the support of his donors and the unwavering love of his family, he stands as a testament to resilience, driven by the profound impact of education.