Move-in week is a highly-anticipated event for almost every college student. As summer draws to a close, eager Huskies fill the surrounding streets of campus, filling up carts full of their dorm necessities to move in for another semester. Friends reunite, laughter fills the air, and excitement builds for all that is to come. But for some students, returning to campus isn’t all that simple.

Since 2015, the BU Foundation has provided 397 Emergency Scholarships through the Emergency Scholarship Fund, giving Huskies the financial support they need to return to campus when life gets challenging. Further, the Strengthen the Pack Fund was created during the Covid-19 pandemic to keep students at BU. Since their creation, these two funds have provided over $514,000 in Emergency Scholarships to students who need it most. Emergency Scholarships come in all shapes and sizes, tailored to help each student with their unique circumstances.

One of the greatest supporters of the Emergency Scholarship Fund is Bloomsburg University’s Community Government Association, or CGA. The Student President of CGA, Sabina Bower, shared why the organization chooses to give to the fund year after year: “As a student, it’s easy to relate to other students who need emergency scholarships. Life happens, circumstances differ, and everyone needs help! As a student leader in this role, it’s incredible to help other students finish their degrees and graduate. Never overlook the difference of a few hundred dollars in a student's life.”

In the 2021-22 academic year, a total of 89 Emergency, Strengthen the Pack, and Bloom On Scholarships were awarded to students, adding up to $185,883 in funds given. Of those, 34 were Bloom On Housing Grants, providing the opportunity for more students to return to Bloomsburg.

Matthew Yurkunas, the Student Vice President of CGA, also added why Emergency Scholarships are important to him: “Emergency Scholarships are such an amazing resource for students who may find themselves in tough times during their education. Relieving some of the financial stress that comes with an education is the least I can do to support my peers.”

So as Huskies come back to campus this year, many of them have donors like you to thank for sustaining their education and keeping them part of the pack. Thank you!

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