Major: Business Marketing

Hometown: Bloomsburg, PA

Scholarships play a major role when it comes to impacting student success. Sometimes, they inspire students to strive for more. That was exactly the case for Collin.

As a legacy student from Lewisburg, PA, following in the footsteps of his mother, Melissa Wagner ’92, and his brother, Chase ’20, Collin began his BU journey with the hopes that he could find a spot on the Men’s Swimming team. But after earning his place as a walk-on, he also earned a scholarship. From that point forward, Collin has done everything he could to make the most of the gift he received.

He took advantage of the support he received by putting his best foot forward in the classroom and in the pool. But when the pandemic hit and led to the cancellation of the swimming season, Collin unenrolled from BU to take a gap year, but not for the reasons many might think.

“I wanted to take a year away in hopes that college life would return to normal,” Collin says. “I knew I had more to give for the Swimming team and myself, and I didn’t want to waste that year of edibility and miss out on the chance to give everything I could.”

Instead, Collin spent the year working full-time at Target and training full-time at his local YMCA to stay ready in hopes that he could come back even stronger the following year and help the BU Swimming team achieve success.

In 2021 Collin returned to BU and was awarded the John O. Schneider Swimming Scholarship. He completed his swimming career, becoming a two-time All American at the Division II NCAA championships and a key contributor to the BU men’s swimming team’s PSAC 2020-21 championship run.

"After BU, I hope to follow in the footsteps of my coaches Stu Marvin, Bridget Hilferty, and Ethan Cooke, and become a collegiate swimming coach," adds Collin. "I plan to take all of the skills that they have taught me as both an athlete and a person and transition them into a program where every athlete can see success in some way, shape, or form.