Even when she was a little girl, Kara always knew she wanted to work in healthcare. It was about the time she was a junior in high school that she decided to pursue a career in nursing.

That same year was when she committed to BU to play Field Hockey. Living in Lewisburg, PA, she was very familiar with BU’s Nursing Program, but when she knew she would also be able to achieve her goals of playing for a Division II field hockey program, it became clear that Bloomsburg was the school for her.

"When I learned I would be receiving a scholarship, I was very grateful," says Kara. "Juggling the schedule of athletics and practices along with the demands of being a Nursing Major is a huge challenge. But thanks to the scholarships I received, I didn’t have to add in getting a job to cover the cost of books and additional fees."

Thanks to the support she's received, Kara has been able to secure a more meaningful position as a nursing assistant, which will help prepare her for stepping into her role as a full-time nurse after graduation. Watch the video below to learn more about Kara's BU Journey.

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