“Having scholarships, I would say, definitely has pushed me harder to maintain my good grades, and just staying on the right track, as well as pouring myself back into the Bloomsburg community,” says Ashley Davis, a graduating senior at BU, “Having someone to believe in you no matter who that is, just knowing that people back you up and support you is really beneficial throughout my college journey.”

Ashley is one of many students who, with the help of scholarships, was able to achieve her goals and go even further. As the recipient of both the Board of Governors Scholarship and the Freshmen Traveler’s Scholarship, she was able to focus more on her academics and become involved with many organizations on campus.

“A big part of who I am is financial literacy, and that’s thanks to my parents," Ashley adds. "Going to college, a big goal for us was to graduate debt free." Thanks to the scholarships she received, Ashley was able to achieve that goal and so much more. This April, as an acknowledgement to how much donor support has helped her throughout her time at BU, Ashley became a donor herself by making her senior class gift during the Huskies ALL IN Giving Challenge to help provide the same opportunities for future students.

Ashley is set to graduate this spring. Watch the video below to learn more about her story:

If you would like to help make a difference for more students like Ashley, click here to make a gift to the Bloom On Fund.