Major: Art History

Hometown: Sweet Valley, PA

Scholarships build confidence and help students achieve success by showing them that hard work pays off. That was especially true for Portia Woodward, a senior Art History major from Sweet Valley, PA. Thanks to the incredible generosity of donors and the unwavering support of professors in the Art History department, she has forged her path to success.

“The scholarships I received truly allowed me to focus on my studies and my career during my senior year at Bloomsburg,” says Portia. “When I was at the point where I need to take that next step and apply my skills and what I’ve learned to my career, the support I received was such a big help.”

As an only child who grew up in a small town, Portia has embraced her BU experience to make the most of her opportunities. From becoming involved on campus as the President of the Bloomsburg Cru, a Christian student worship group, to making friends and connecting with professors and advisors, and even getting a work-study job with the BU Marketing Communications team to help her hone her graphic design skills.

“I chose to come to Bloomsburg University because I appreciate the faculty’s goals to prepare you for what is ahead,” Portia said. “Specifically, in the art department, I really appreciate the communication between students and professors. They helped me see my skills and interests over various mediums and topics and pushed me to take the next step toward developing specific career interests.”

Through the scholarships she received, Portia was able to focus on building her skills and work with her professors to make sure she was doing it in a way that would advance her career. She was even selected to showcase some of her work in the Arts and Administration Building. Now she is prepared for success after graduation.