Natalie's Academic Journey Supported by Scholarship

by Kathryn Henriksen '24

Natalie's journey as a proud recipient of the esteemed J. Mark Vanderbeck Scholarship is a testament to her perseverance and the unwavering support of her mother. From the moment she inquired about potential scholarships, Natalie was astounded by the abundance of opportunities that unfolded before her.

A dynamic force on campus, Natalie's involvement in numerous clubs and organizations sets a shining example for her peers. Despite facing challenges, she consistently excelled in both her extracurriculars and academics.

The weight lifted off her shoulders upon learning of her scholarship award was immeasurable. "Knowing I have support as I enter college is truly reassuring. This feeling is something many do not have the privilege to experience," she reflects gratefully.

Natalie's boundless passion drives her to continually strive for excellence. Impressively, she ascended from Secretary to Vice President of FBLA as a sophomore, demonstrating remarkable dedication and leadership early in her college journey.

Upon being awarded the scholarship for the second time, Natalie was overwhelmed with gratitude towards the donor whose ongoing support enables her to pursue her academic interests. "This scholarship provides me with the financial flexibility to fully engage in the organizations I am passionate about," she explains eagerly.

With the scholarship's assistance, Natalie eagerly anticipates attending PRSSA in New York, fulfilling her academic aspirations. Additionally, she excitedly prepares to study abroad in Florence, Italy, exploring the economics of wine alongside her close roommate. This unexpected opportunity, made possible by the scholarship, fills her with immense gratitude.

"Having the financial freedom to study abroad is a privilege I do not take lightly. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity," Natalie expresses sincerely, acknowledging the donor's generosity.

Natalie frequently reflects on the impact of the scholarship, recognizing the invaluable support it has provided her throughout her academic journey. Her appreciation for the donor's generosity and unwavering support knows no bounds.