Support Nursing at BU

Your support of the academic community in Nursing at BU is critical for its continued success. Gifts from our alumni and friends allow our faculty to mentor students in their research projects throughout the year and put our students in the best position to succeed by helping provide availability of the latest technology, research and teaching methods.

Your support makes a difference

Everyone needs a nurse at some point in his/her life, so please consider supporting the Department of Nursing with a monetary gift to help ensure that high quality nurses are there when you need them.

Students in BU Nursing LabBU’s Nursing Program is recognized as a leading accredited program, and it is also ranked as one of the most affordable in PA. Your donation can help increase funding for equipment, supplies, educational trips, and research opportunities that will enhance the critical thinking and technical skills of our students.



Your support facilitates student success by allowing us to provide state of the art teaching equipment.

The Simulated Learning Lab (SLL) provides a learning environment for students to practice skills and critical thinking. The SLL contains numerous medium and high-fidelity adult and pediatric simulation manikins that allow students to critically assess and respond to varying patient situations they may not see in the clinical setting. The SLL also contains a simulated electronic patient record system for documentation practice and an automated medication dispensing system. The SLL is a vitally important environment for building confident nurses who can think critically.


Nursing trip to Capital
Senior level students expand their political advocacy awareness via a class trip to the Capital in Harrisburg where they meet with legislators. It is imperative for our students to recognize the importance of being politically active and be competent in advocacy for patients and the profession in this ever-changing health care arena.  Additionally, BU nursing students participate in community and public health fairs and programs providing education to various population aggregates, and your donation can assist in obtaining the materials needed for these educational projects.
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