CU-Bloomsburg Professor and Wife Ignite Passion for Accounting Through Scholarship

Michael and Michele Breon have always believed in making a difference. Their journey from corporate careers to entrepreneurship recently led them to establish their firm in 2019, specializing in forensic accounting services. Yet, amidst their professional successes, they realized they needed a concrete plan for their personal finances and their legacy. During a conversation with their attorneys, the idea of creating a lasting impact emerged.

Sitting in their Mechanicsburg home with their faithful German Shepherd, Reagan, Michael and Michele pondered their next steps. They wanted to leave a mark, not just in business but in the lives of aspiring professionals. With roots in Pennsylvania—Michael from Camp Hill and Michele from Mechanicsburg—the couple sought a meaningful way to give back to their community.

Their connection with Commonwealth University – Bloomsburg (CU-Bloomsburg) ran deep, especially for Michael, who had found a second home within its halls as an adjunct professor. Initially invited to speak to students in the majoring in accounting and minoring in fraud examination, Michael's passion for teaching flourished. When corporate restructuring led him to a crossroads, CU-Bloomsburg offered him a new path. Dr. Michael Shapeero, recognizing Michael's expertise, extended an invitation that would alter the course of his career.

Since 2018, Michael has been teaching at CU-Bloomsburg, finding fulfillment in the intimate academic environment. He cherished the close-knit community, where faculty and students alike thrived. The accounting program especially stood out; its excellence is a testament to the dedication of its educators; for Michael and Michele, supporting this institution felt like a natural choice—one where their contributions could genuinely make a difference.

Their vision took shape in the form of a scholarship fund aimed at nurturing the next generation of accounting professionals. Inspired by their personal experiences and encounters at Bloomsburg, the Breons sought to dispel stereotypes surrounding the field of accounting. They envisioned a scholarship that would alleviate financial burdens and ignite a passion for accounting among students.

With meticulous planning, the Breons structured their gift through a provision in their will to evolve alongside their business. As North American Forensic Accounting thrives, so will their contribution to Bloomsburg. Their commitment extends beyond financial aid; it is a pledge to attract and cultivate talented students and elevate the accounting profession.

"I hope the recipients continue to find accounting to be a desirable major and that we overcome some of the stigma of accounting - that it's just a bunch of boring number crunchers with pocket protectors, "Michael says. "Because I think accounting can be exciting if you want it to be, and the education CU-Bloomsburg offers provides students with the opportunity to see that side of it."

Through their generosity, Michael and Michele hope to empower students pursuing their academic and personal aspirations. They envision scholarship recipients who embrace the excitement of accounting and transcend stereotypes to become leaders in their field. Their gift is a beacon of opportunity—a testament to the transformative power of education.

"Despite my alma mater being Penn State University, I firmly believe that our gift can make a greater impact here at CU-Bloomsburg," Michael explains, reflecting on his decision to support his current academic home. "The institution's size allows for more personalized connections and meaningful contributions. The caliber of faculty and students is truly impressive when you look at the accounting program here. Our goal is to fuel that excellence and foster a community where students thrive, and I believe our gift can play a pivotal role in achieving that vision."